What Does It Cost?


Most people quickly grasp the benefits of a steel home. They are low maintenance, strong, fire, rot and termite resistant while maintaining exciting design options. People also assume that all the benefits of steel must come at a significantly higher price. That is not true, steel homes are competitively priced when compared side by side with a traditionally built house.


It’s really not a fair comparison, steel homes provide a safer, more durable, and more efficient house for the cost of a standard home built the old fashion way. One could hire an engineer and use enough steel hardware to achieve a similar wind rating or hire an architect to draw water control details and closely follow those details in construction to minimize the threat of water and rot or someone could buy state of the art materials and systems to decrease the homes exposure to fire. In the world of a traditionally built house you are talking about a high-cost, custom built house but with Real Steel Homes, you achieve these goals at every price point.


How then, can steel homes be competitively priced? Labor cost savings. Typically, you will spend more on building materials with a steel house but save significant money on labor. While each home is different, the system and processes are the same. Which is complemented by materials that are designed in a factory to go together and cover more area than a wall stud or piece of sheathing. These efficiencies allow our crews can get your home ‘dried-in’ in less time than a stick-framed house.

Square footage is cheap. If you want a large open concept or a flex space without the interruption of columns, steel makes accomplishing these goals simple. Adding significant square footage usually means only means adding a few more pieces of structural steel followed by the secondary and covering, this means less material to handle, less time in the construction phase and less money.


We have been asked in the past if we can build a house for $100 a square foot and the quick answer is yes but there are limitations. Most of the difference between a $100 per sq. ft. house and a $300 per sq. ft. house is found in the finishes. The number of bathrooms and kitchens, the quality and grade of millwork and trim, and the type of flooring, cabinets, and tile are some of the areas that can quickly increase the cost per square foot number.


Whether you are looking for a functional but affordable starter-home or a full custom dream home, Real Steel Homes offers you more for the money than a traditionally built home.